Unreal Engine 5 androidx.fragment:fragment:1.0.0 outdated

Error [ANDROID] androidx.fragment:fragment:1.0.0

This SDK version has been reported as outdated. Consider upgrading to a newer version (1.1.0+).

The solution I find, that works, is really simple, go to

C:\Program Files\Epic Games\UE(your engine version)\Engine\Source\ThirdParty\AndroidPermission\permission_library - search for the file additions.gradle - before making changes to it make sure the file is not Read only, if it is, open the file Properties, uncheck the tick box and apply

Now, open the file with a text (.txt) editor (like Notepad), add the following line of code below the implementation statement in the curly brackets (braces)

constraints.implementation 'androidx.fragment:fragment:1.3.6'

Then save. That was all you need to do for the androidx.fragment:fragment to be updated in your future packaging

The final piece of code should look like this:

dependencies {

implementation 'androidx.legacy:legacy-support-v13:1.0.0'

constraints.implementation 'androidx.fragment:fragment:1.3.6'


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