How I fixed "Redirect error” problem for my Blogger Blog in Google Search Console

For the past couple of months I have had a "Redirect Error" problem for my Blogger blog in Google Search Console, a problem that seemed unsolvable as I had tried everything I knew and found online about this problem but nothing seemed to work. The problem was even more annoying because I didn't have any custom redirects on my site whatsoever. How I found the solution? I looked more profound at the "URL Inspection" page and discovered that the "Page fetch" did not worked because the Google crawler was not the correct crawler for the Blogger URL structure. What do I mean? Blogger by default has a URL for desktop (the rel=canonical) and a URL for mobile (it's the same URL + ?m=1), also the curent Google Search Console has two crawlers one for desktop and one for smartphones, but the main crawler they use nowadays is the crawler for smartphone. So, the problem was that Google tried to crawl the Blogger URL for desktop with the smartphone crawler.

I think, I will start blogging about almost anything

I think, I will start writing about my experiences, my curiosities, my opinions, the things I have learned, the things I want to learn, the things I create, the things that I want to create, and almost anything that comes in my mind. This is just a first post in which I want to introduce myself to the world and announce my future intentions related to the Edvog website. About Me (a short presentation) My name is Andrei Ionita, I am a website developer, game developer, music producer, gamer and content creator. I create video games, music, animations, images, videos and so on. What I want to achieve through blogging? Short answer "Nothing", is just a place where I share my thoughts. If my articles are going to be educational and/or informative to some of my readers, then I will overachieve my blogging purposes, and that will make me more than happy. That's all for today. To the future, my fellow friends, and do not forget to enjoy life as much as you can.

5 Fascinating Facts About Germany's Rivers

5 Facts About France's Rivers 5 Facts About Italy's Rivers Germany is home to several significant rivers, with the most prominent ones being the Rhine (length in Germany 865 km / 537.4 mi), the Elbe (727 km / 451.7 mi), the Danube (647 km / 402 mi), the Main (527 km / 327 mi), and the Weser (452 km / 281 mi). These rivers play a crucial role in the country's geography, commerce, and transportation. Germany has many rivers and tributaries that contribute to the extensive river network, there are around 240 rivers with a length of over 5 km / 3 mi that flow across the country territory. 5 Interesting Facts About Germany's Rivers • The Rhine river (total lenght 1,233 km / 760 mi) is the longest river found in Germany according to the length of the river that crosses the most part of the German territory, this mention is necessary because normally the longest river that crosses through Germany is the Danube river (total lenght 2,850 km / 1,770 mi). • The Elbe river

Edvog Music

I'm a music producer since 2019, I like to create music in different styles and genres, at the moment my favorite genres are: EDM, House (Electronic, Slap, Deep...), Trap Beats (Instrumentals), Phonk (Chill, Trap, House...), Slowed & Reverb & Bass Boost Music Remixes, Car Music, Club Music, Trance Music, Ambient and more. Below, is a video playlist from Youtube with all current and future music made by Edvog. Music genres: EDM, House, Phonk, Trap Music etc.

Edvog Endless 3D Game

Edvog Endless 3D Game is a 3D Platformer (Runner Type of Game) that can be played only on Android mobile devices, the game was released on February 22, 2019 on Google Play Store. Edvog Endless 3D Game is available for free on Google Play About Edvog Endless 3D Game Fly A Spaceship Avoid Obstacles And Collect Coins - Reward: Collect 1000 Golden Coins to unlock The Imperial Spaceship - Edvog Endless 3D Runner Edvog Endless 3D Game is a single-player video game developed in Unreal Engine 4 by Andrei Ionita / for Android devices. An original 3D runner type of game, that has something to offer to everyone, from casual players to hardcore gamers anybody can find something interesting in this game. Edvog Endless is a simple and fun to play 3D Runner, in the game you will fly a spaceship carefully through the level and avoid all the obstacles encountered, the only thing you can hit are the coins. Coins and obstacles spawn randomly every time you start the game, therefore every