I think, I will start blogging about almost anything

I think, I will start writing about my experiences, my curiosities, my opinions, the things I have learned, the things I want to learn, the things I create, the things that I want to create, and almost anything that comes in my mind.

This is just a first post in which I want to introduce myself to the world and announce my future intentions related to the Edvog website.

About Me (a short presentation)

My name is Andrei Ionita, I am a website developer, game developer, music producer, gamer and content creator. I create video games, music, animations, images, videos and so on.

What I want to achieve through blogging?

Short answer "Nothing", is just a place where I share my thoughts. If my articles are going to be educational and/or informative to some of my readers, then I will overachieve my blogging purposes, and that will make me more than happy.

That's all for today. To the future, my fellow friends, and do not forget to enjoy life as much as you can.