5 Fascinating Facts About Germany's Rivers

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Germany is home to several significant rivers, with the most prominent ones being the Rhine (length in Germany 865 km / 537.4 mi), the Elbe (727 km / 451.7 mi), the Danube (647 km / 402 mi), the Main (527 km / 327 mi), and the Weser (452 km / 281 mi). These rivers play a crucial role in the country's geography, commerce, and transportation. Germany has many rivers and tributaries that contribute to the extensive river network, there are around 240 rivers with a length of over 5 km / 3 mi that flow across the country territory.

5 Interesting Facts About Germany's Rivers

• The Rhine river (total lenght 1,233 km / 760 mi) is the longest river found in Germany according to the length of the river that crosses the most part of the German territory, this mention is necessary because normally the longest river that crosses through Germany is the Danube river (total lenght 2,850 km / 1,770 mi).

• The Elbe river is not safe for swimming in the Hamburg area, due to strong currents during the tides and the shipping traffic.

• The Danube river, the second longest river in Europe, is formed in the Black Forest of Germany passing through ten countries and four capital cities before emptying into the Black Sea, Romania. The Danube river in German language is called "die Donau".

• Frankfurt, Germany's financial hub, is located on the banks of the Main and is the largest city along the river. The Main river is the longest tributary of the Rhine.

• The Weser river, formed by the confluence of the rivers Fulda and Werra, has the outflow into the North Sea and is the only river that forms and drains entirely within Germany.

How do you say German rivers in the German language? German rivers translated into the German language is Deutsche Flüsse. If you want to say Rivers of Germany, then the correct translation will be: Deutschland Flüsse or Flüsse in Deutschland.

Germany is admired internationaly for its natural beauty, cultural experiences, and historical sites. Many travelers who want to see what Germany has to offer book river cruises along the major rivers for panoramic views and an immersive experience.

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