How To Create & Script Character Projectile/Weapon Unreal Engine 4

First, we will create and script a projectile. Create a new Actor Blueprint, go to Content Browser > click RMB > select Blueprint Class > Actor Blueprint, for example purposes, let's call it MyProjectileBp, add three components a ProjectileMovement, a Box Collision and a Cylinder Static Mesh.

Select the ProjectileMovement component, in the Details panel under Projectile, set an Initial speed of 16000, you can change it in the future if you think is to fast, check the box Rotation Follows Velocity, set the Projectile Gravity Scale to 0. Position the Cylinder mesh in the Box Collision, to fit the box. Select the Box Collision, in the Details Panel under Collision, check the box Simulation Generates Hit Events, for the Collision Presets select OverlapAllDynamic. Select the Cylinder mesh, you can add an emissive material to it if you have one, if not, no problem, in the Details Panel under Collision, check the box Simulation Generates Hit Events, for the Collision Presets you need to make a custom collision in which you BlockAll, but Ignore PhysicsBody.

Now, we will start scripting the Projectile. In the Editor Graph, add an Event Hit node, drag of it to add a Branch node, add an Is Simulating Physics node with Box collision as the scene component, connect the Return Value pin with the Condition pin of the Branch node, connect the Other Comp pin of the Event Hit node with the Target pin of the Is Simulating Physics node, add to the string an Add Impulse at Location node, then add a Destroy Actor node. In the Graph, add a Get Velocity node and a Get Actor Location node, connect the Get Actor Location node with the Location pin of the Add Impulse at Location node, drag of the Get Velocity node to add a vector * float node (Scales Vector A by B), in the scale pin type 10, then connect the string with the Impulse pin of the Add Impulse at Location node. Now, the projectile is ready.

Let's set up a weapon for the Character, or better said, a spot from where to shoot the projectile. Open the Character Blueprint and add a Sphere Collision as a component, position the Sphere in the Viewport in the exact spot from where you want your character to shoot projectiles.

Go to Editor Graph, create a new variable of struct Vector type, call it Gun Offset, add an InputAction Fire event node and an InputTouch Event node, connect both event nodes to a Spawn Actor node, with the Class set to MyProjectileBp, the Collision Handling Override set to Try To Adjust Location, Don't Spawn If Still Colliding, next add a Play Sound at Location node with the Location pin connected to a Get Actor Location node, then select a sound (this wll play a sound every time we fire a projectile), connect the Play Sound at Location node to a Set Life Span node, connect the Return value pin of Spawn Actor node with the Target pin of Set Life Span node.

Drag of the Finger Index pin of the InputTouch Event node to add a Touch 1 node, connect it to the Condition pin of a Branch node, drag of the True pin of the Branch node and connect it to the Spawn Actor node.

Next, add a reference in the Graph to the Camera and the Sphere Collision box, each of the references connected to a GetWorldRotation node, add a Get reference to the Gun Offset variable and connect it to RotateVector node, connect the GetWorldRotation node of the Camera with the B pin of the RotateVector node, add a vector + vector node, connect the GetWorldRotation node of the Sphere with the A pin of the vector + vector node, connect the RotateVector node with the B pin of the vector + vector node, connect the end pin of the vector + vector node with a Make Transform node, connect the GetWorldRotation node of the Camera with the Rotation pin of the Make Transform node.

Drag of the end pin of the Make Transform node to add a Select node, add a reference to the Using Motion Controllers? Boolean variable, if you do not have one by default you need to create one, connect the Boolean variable with the Index pin of the Select node, then connect the Select node with the Spawn Transform pin of the Spawn Actor node. Now, your Character should be able to shoot projectiles without any problems.

Tip! If you want your Character to shoot projectiles from multiple spots, you can add another Sphere collision at a new spot, copy the entire string from above and just replace the reference to the Sphere collision with the reference to the new Sphere collision, then, everything should work just fine.

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