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How To Generate A Keystore (Sign Projects for Release) Unreal Engine 4

How To Generate A Keystore (Sign Projects for Release) Unreal Engine 4. Before you can submit or even upload your project to the Google Play Store, you will need to generate a Keystore.

Important To Remember In The Future! You need an unique store key for every app you make and want to distribute through Google Play Store, after you have uploaded your application to the store you need the same Keystore every time you update your app, therefore, keep the Keystore safe in your project folder, and never delete it, also save and store somewhere safe important details like the Keystore password.

Important! Before you upload to the store, you will need an unique package name for your project.

First, go to Edit > Project Settings > Platforms > Android > APK Packaging > Android Package Name > com.Company.Project replace the Company and Project with some unique names that have a meaning for you, the Company can be your name and the Project can be the name you want to give to your app.

Second, go to Edit > Project Settings > Platforms > Android > Distribution Signing > complete the Key Store, Key Alias and the Key Store Password.

The Key Store should look like store.name this is the name of the file you will later add to your project, before, packaging the application for distribution, replace the name with a name that you want to give to the key store file, but keep the store part in front something like store.examplename

The Key Alias can be examplename without the store. in front, and the Key Store Password, I recommend it to be something easy to remember, for instance examplenamepass

Generate A Keystore - a Tutorial for Windows operating systems

Now, let's generate a Keystore for the application, start the Command Prompt using the Run window (press the Win + R keys on your keyboard, or use the Windows search) then, type cmd and press Enter or click OK.

Next, you need to find the address for the bin folder of the jdk folder found in NVPACK (this folder was created when you have installed the Unreal Engine 4 recommended software for Android mobile applications), after you have found the address, paste it in cmd (CTRL + V to paste) with cd in front of it, for me is something like this > cd C:\NVPACK\jdk1.8.0_77\bin , then, insert

keytool -genkey -v -keystore store.examplename -alias examplename -storepass examplenamepass -validity 9999

Answer the questions, type your First and Last name, for organization you can type again your First and Last name, enter the name of the City or Locality, the State or Province and the Country code, then, you will be asked to verify, type yes, and press Enter, you will be asked to type the password for the Key Alias, instead of typing something you can press two times Enter, and the key store file should be created, you can find it in the bin folder, copy the file and Paste it in your Unreal Engine 4 project folder, Your Unreal Engine Project / Your Game Folder > Build > Android folder.

How to obtain the Signing certificate fingerprint (SHA1)

With the key store file created, open the cmd and type > cd C:\NVPACK\jdk1.8.0_77\bin , then, insert

keytool -exportcert -alias examplename -keystore store.examplename -storepass examplenamepass -list -v

Now, the Signing certificate fingerprint (SHA1) should be seen in the cmd window.

That was all. Hope, that the tutorial was easy to follow, for more similar tutorials and articles you can further browse edvog.com - if you have questions or you need additional help, contact me by posting a comment in the comment section below or through the contact page. Have a nice day!

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