How To Set Up Collisions Unreal Engine 4

Learn how to set up collisions in Unreal Engine 4 - here you will learn about the Collision Presets Settings, how to setup collisions for a static mesh and how to work with collisions in Blueprints.

The Collision Presets Settings

Select a mesh , go to the Details panel in the Collision section, and scroll to Collision Presets, here you will find a list of collision that can be used to define what type of interactions will have this actor in the world. Now, let's study some of the most commonly used collision presets and what each of them represents.

NoCollision - if you select this preset, the actor will have no collision

BlockAllDynamic - if you select this preset, the actor will block all the actors in the world

OverlapAllDynamic - if you select this preset, the actor will overlap all the actors in the world

Tip! In the Project settings you can create your own collision preset.

How to add collision in the Static Mesh Editor

Open the Static Mesh Editor, at the top of the editor, there is a Collision drop down menu. If you click on it, you will see the options you need in order to add collision to your mesh, there are 3 main simple collisions: Sphere, Capsule and Box. If you want to add a more precise collision you need to select the Auto Convex Collision, the maximum Hull Verts are 32 with an accuracy of 1.0

Important! Collisions on a static mesh can be stacked, if you do not want that, you need to remove the old collision every time you add a new one. If you do not see any collision on your mesh, make sure that the collision button in the toolbar is highlighted.

How to work with collisions in Blueprints

In Blueprints in the Add Component menu you can select 3 types of collisions (Box, Sphere and Capsule), for each of them you can trigger events, like: On Component Hit, On Component Begin Overlap, On Component End Overlap, etc. What is the use of these collisions? You can wrap meshes and / or other actors in them and trigger events that can be used in the Event Graph, this can be useful in countless situations.

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