How To Create A Loading Screen Unreal Engine 4

Learn How To Create A Loading Screen in Unreal Engine 4 - Here you will learn how to create two types of loading screens, one that will show as a transition between levels and one that will show while the level is loading.

Loading Screen - as a transition between levels

This example is not really a loading screen, is mostly a screen that will show as a transition between levels, this will work if you have a small game or if your levels are not to big, otherwise, is better if you use the next example. The loading screen trigger will be the Play button in the Main Menu, I will provide instructions for the example Menu provided by me in the past Unreal Engine 4 articles - if you do not have or you don't know how to make a Main Menu, here is the link to do that How To Create A Menu (Main & Pause Menu) Unreal Engine 4

Let's create the visual part, create a new Widget Blueprint, go to Content Browser > click RMB > under User Interface select Widget Blueprint > for example purposes call it SimpleLoading and open it, drag from Palette a Border into Hierarchy > Canvas Panel, then drag a Text, go to the Details panel into the Content section next to Text, erase Text Block and write Loading, next to Position X type 800 - next to Position Y type 450 - next to Size X 500 - next to Size Y 100, under Appearance > Font > Size > type 60

Select the Border, go to Details panel, in the Slot section next to Anchors select the full page Anchor, next to Position X type 0 - next to Position Y type 0 - next to Size X 0 - next to Size Y 0, under Appearance > Brush > double click the Tint bar > in the Hex sRGB type 000000FF

I created the visual part as simple as possible, just for example purposes, you can create the visual part as you wish, for instance: you can change colors, create animation, add sounds and more... If you want to add an animation to your loading screen, here is an article written by me on how to do that How To Create A Loading Screen Animation Unreal Engine 4

Now, that we have the visual part, we will start scripting the loading screen, open the Menu Widget Blueprint, and between the event for the Play button and the OpenLevel node, we will add three new nodes, as following: Create Widget node set to SimpleLoading, then Add to Viewport node and a Delay node set to 2 sec (you can set it as long as you wish)

Congratulations! You have created A Simple Transition Loading Screen in Unreal Engine 4

Loading Screen - while the level is loading

We will use the visual part of the Transition Loading Screen from above. To script the Level Loading Screen, you need to open the level for which you want to show a loading screen, after you have opened the level, go in the Toolbar panel > Blueprints > Open Level Blueprint, right-click in the Event Graph and add an Event Begin Play node, connect a Create Widget (set Class to SimpleLoading, or the name of your Loading screen widget), connect an Add to Viewport node, add a Delay of 5 seconds or for as long as you need your level to load, then add a Get Player Controller node, off it add a Set Input Mode Game Only connect it to the Delay Completed pin, drag off the Create Widget node the Return Value pin and select a Remove from Parent node, connect the Set Input Mode Game Only with Remove from Parent node, Compile and Save, then close the Blueprint.

Congratulations! You have created A Simple Level Loading Screen in Unreal Engine 4

Problems and Solutions for the Level Loading Screen - If you have a HUD for your character you need to create a Boolean variable to hide the HUD for the Loading screen period. If you have a Timer in your level you can add extra seconds for the loading period, this way everything will run smoothly. If you have something else, besides a Timer, for which you need to Pause the game, you need to script a pause system for the Level Loading Screen, this way you will pause everything for the loading period.

You can choose the loading screen that suits your needs the most, or you can use both of them in the same game, they will work together without any problems.

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