Learn how to make a video game for free (with 0 coding and 0 previous knowledge)

Here you will learn how to make a video game for free with 0 coding and 0 previous knowledge about game development. If you are on this page that means that you have no idea about how are most of the games made nowadays and how the games get distributed on all the main online gaming stores. I will provide two step by step guides on how you can create and distribute your video game, one step by step guide will have only solutions that are completely free and the other one will require a small amount of money that will be invested in your game distribution fees.

Make and distribute your video game without any investment, a step by step guide

1. Let's start

If you are here, I assume that you have no knowledge coding C++ or any other programming languages, don't worry, that is no problem in 2019, since most of the games developed nowadays are made with game engines, coding would have been an advantage but not a necessity.

So, what are game engines? A game engine is a software that you install in your computer and with it you will develop a video game from 0 to the final release of your product, in a game engine you can code but you don't need to, to give functionality to your game you can use the visual scripting system and to create the visual design of your video game you can use the drag and drop interface, both solutions are provided by most of the game engines of our days. With game engines the process of creating a video game has been extremely simplified and the games are more stable with better graphics than in the past.

2. Choose your Game Engine

The best game engines in 2019 are Unreal Engine 4, Godot and Unity. So, which game engine should you choose? You should choose the game engine that you want to spend time learning. Some pointers before you make your selection:

- Unreal Engine 4 and Godot are completely free, Unity offers a free limited version and two paid version that provide different benefits
- If we talk about game graphics, the most advanced engine is Unreal Engine 4
- The most learning materials you will find for Unity
- To Unity and Godot you do not have to pay royalties after you release your game, to Unreal Engine 4 you need to pay 5% royalty on gross product revenue after the first $3,000 per game per calendar quarter from commercial products

I am a game developer and I have created all my video games in Unreal Engine 4, here is an example of a PC game Edvog Explorer Game an here is an example of a mobile game (Android) Edvog Explorer Mobile Game - All I can say is that I find Unreal Engine 4 amazing and I have no complains - this software is limitless. I recommend to everyone Unreal Engine 4, if you choose this game engine you will also find a good number of educational and informational articles about it on this website

3. Learn the Game Engine

Whatever game engine you choose you need to learn how to use it and find about all the different aspects and capabilities of your software. Unreal Engine 4, Godot and Unity have documentations pages from where you can start learning, after you finish studying you can search the internet and Youtube for different How To's and Tutorials.

4. Add your own assets

If you want to add different assets beside the default provided assets by the game engine, you need to buy or create them (do not download them for free, if you do, is very likely that you will have copyright complaints)

Learn to create 2D assets

To add 2D assets free of copyright complaints you need to create them, to do that the best free solution is to install, learn and use GIMP (free and open source photo editor)

Learn to create 3D assets

To add 3D assets free of copyright complaints you need to create them, to do that the best free solution is to install, learn and use Blender 3D (free and open source 3D computer graphics software)

Add sounds

Best software to edit and record sounds is Audacity (free and open-source digital audio editor), if you want to add free sounds the best solution used by many is freesound.org - you will find many sounds under Creative Commons 0 license (public domain) perfect for use for commercial products (what I suppose, will be your game)

5. Choose a platform and improve your game for that platform

Most of the game engines provide the opportunity to create a game for all the major gaming platforms, such as: PC, Xbox, PlayStation and Mobile (Android and iOS) - That doesn't mean you should create your game for all the platforms, my opinion is that you should choose a platform and make the game as perfect as it could be for the platform you have chosen. You should always optimize and update your game with the latest development options provided by your game engine, if you have focused all your energies on one platform, it will be easier for you to provide to your users the latest functionalities, controls and graphics.

6. Pack and release you game

After you have created, optimized and checked the game for any bugs, you can now prepare the video game for distribution, check your online store requirements for uploading the game, try to meet the exact requirements when you package your game.

7. Make a monetization plan and distribute your game

There are a few options when you want to monetize your game, such as: sell your game for a fix price (old school distribution), give the game for free and sell in game products or monetize the game with ads - this are just some of the most used ways to monetize a video game in 2019, you can also come with your own unique monetization strategy or be inspired by other ideas. The main distribution online platforms are Steam (PC games) and Google Play (Android Mobile Games), both of them require a distribution fee, and this first guide provides only completely free solutions, therefore, if you want to distribute your game and not invest any money in fees the best solution is itch.io - check out the website, see what have others for sell, how they monetize the games and make a strategy for your game release.

8. Advertise your game

Best free solutions are social networks like Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. since you do not invest any money, you need to promote yourself by engaging with other users (make friends and start conversations)

Make and distribute your video game with distribution fees and investments, a step by step guide

1 ... 6 Same steps as above, but with some financial differences

If you want and you have the necessary budget you can invest to improve your game, the user experience and the users engagement by buying different type of assets of high quality from the game engine store

7. Distribute your game

Since this second guide provide solutions with investments, you can distribute your game to the main distribution online platforms like Steam (PC games) and / or Google Play (Android Mobile Games)

How to distribute your game on Steam (PC games)

In 2019 you can distribute your game on Steam if you pay the distribution fee of 100 dollars per game and fulfill all the requirements for each game you want to sell on the Steam store

How to distribute your game on Google Play (Android Mobile Games)

Google play developers need to pay an one time fee of 25 dollars an then will be approved to distribute an unlimited number of games on the Google Play store as long as the games distributed are fulfilling all the requirements

8. Advertise your game

You can try to promote your game for free, but promoting the game the right way is with an investment, you can try to invest your money on social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. - the reality is that Google Ads is the king, with other advertisement networks you will never reach the same results as with Google Ads - if you start a campaign with Google Ads you can target whatever Google product you want, such as: Youtube, Google Play, the display network (most of the websites on the internet) and / or Google search.

I hope that this beginner's guide, has given you a glimpse of what game development is about in 2019, if you found this article useful you can leave a comment on the comment section below, read more informational articles on edvog.com - play games made by Edvog.com / Andrei Ionita

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