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What Makes a Source Credible? Determining Website Credibility

What Makes Information Reliable? What Makes a Source Credible? How can I tell if a website is credible? Determining Website Credibility - A List Of Credible Sources / Websites - In this article provided by edvog.com you will find out how to tell if an information provided by a website is credible or not, also on this page you will find a list of the most Credible Sources / Websites.

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As a general guideline, there are not many sources in the world that can provide reliable information 100% guaranteed (there are a lot of reasons for a source not to be 100% guaranteed, just some examples: typos, actuality, liability, etc.), no matter what new information you have found, you should check it with other sources, at least to be accurate and current for the world we live in, this way you can sleep better at night knowing that what you have learned is not wrong or fake.

What Makes Information Reliable?

An information is reliable if it can be checked on other primary sources who are not in any kind of partnership with the main primary source, if not, then the information may be bias, inaccurate, wrong or fake. If there are no other primary sources then the information will be reliable as long as the source has a high level of credibility, authority and objectivity.

What Makes a Source Credible?

There are many factors that can influence a source credibility, such as: history of the source, authority, accuracy, objectivity and actuality. Some other important factors that can test the credibility of a source is the commercial affiliation and the business model, if the source is trying to sell you something or if the source is reviewing its competitors on the page on which you are reading the new information, then the source is not objective enough to be trustworthy.

How can I tell if a website is credible? - Determining Website Credibility

Below, I have listed the most important factors that can determine if a website is credible or not, the factors listed are not the only aspects that can indicate the credibility of a website, but they can give you a starting point in determining the overall credibility.

First thing to check on a website - find if the website has an About Us section and a Contact page, if the website has those two, it means that the source is trying to be transparent and open about their work

Second thing to check - is the website name on a Top Level Domain (TLD), if so, on what type of TLD is the website on, the most trustworthy and unbiased TLDs are .gov (government), .mil (military) and .edu (academic and educational institutions), after them comes the .org TLD , be careful with the .org Top Level Domains they can be bias, most of them aren't but they can be. The top level domains like .com , .net , .info and Country Top Level Domains like .uk , .de , etc. can also have a high level of credibility. There are many Top Level Domains with a high level of spam and shady websites, here are just some examples: .gq , .ga , .tk , .cf , .men , .loan , .tw , .bid , .date and more...

Third thing to check - does the website provide a date of publication for the pages, if so, how actual is the information you read and when was last updated, also, check if the links provided work, if not, this is a strong signal that the website has not been updated in a long while

Fourth thing to check - is the information provided verifiable, accurate, unbiased, free of emotions, factual and what is the main purpose of the information (to persuade, to entertain or just to inform), also, you can check if the information is copied from other websites (spam article / website) or of low quality (content farm), you can see if the text can be found elsewhere by copying and pasting a sentence of the text into Google

Fifth thing to check - is there a sponsor or affiliation related to the information, also, check if the website is trying to sell you something, if so, then they are just trying to promote their products and they do not provide the necessary objectivity to be a reliable source.

The best choice you can make, when it comes about website credibility is to go with websites from established institutions, this type of sites tend to be the most credible and reliable sources on the Internet, such sites may include those run by government agencies, foundations, non-profit organizations, colleges and universities.

A List Of Credible Sources / Websites

In the following lines, I have put together a list of the most reliable and credible websites in 2019, for each website, I provided a short description, this way you will know when the website is or not useful for your projects, the list is alphabetically sorted:

Website URL - short description
aaas.org - American Association for the Advancement of Science
academic.oup.com - Oxford University Press, Oxford journals
ams.org - American Mathematical Society, mathematical journals
ap.org - Associated Press
apnews.com - Associated Press News
bbc.com - British Broadcasting Corporation, news, sports and travel
britannica.com - Encyclopedia Britannica, fact-checked online encyclopedia
cambridge.org - Cambridge University Press
census.gov - United States Census Bureau, statistics
cia.gov - Central Intelligence Agency, The World Factbook
data.gov - U.S. Government’s open data
dictionary.com - Meanings and Definitions of Words
economist.com - The Economist, news and economics
encyclopedia.com - Free Online Encyclopedia
foreignaffairs.com - Foreign Affairs Magazine
howstuffworks.com - Learn How Everything Works
jstor.org - library of academic journals and books
library.cornell.edu - Cornell University Library
medlineplus.gov - Medical Information and Encyclopedia by healthcare professionals
merriam-webster.com - Dictionary, English word definitions and meanings
nber.org - National Bureau of Economic Research
newyorker.com - The New Yorker, breaking news
nih.gov - National Institutes of Health, Health Information, Medical News
nytimes.com - The New York Times
philpapers.org - Online Research in Philosophy
plos.org - Public Library of Science
reuters.com - Reuters, breaking news, financial news
science.gov - Government Science Portal
sciencemag.org - Science Journals
si.edu - Smithsonian Institution
smithsonianmag.com - Smithsonian Magazine
springer.com - International Publisher Science, Technology, Medicine
ted.com - TED Talks, videos from expert speakers on education, science, tech
thecanadianencyclopedia.ca - The Canadian Encyclopedia
thesaurus.com - Thesaurus, Synonyms and Antonyms of Words
usa.gov - United States Federal Government Information and Services
washingtonpost.com - Washington Post, breaking news
wsj.com - The Wall Street Journal, breaking news

About Information found on virtual communities and wiki websites

The virtual communities (like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Quora etc.) and wiki websites (like Wikipedia), do not provide information 100% accurate, they provide information as a starting point for users to further check on more reliable sources, like: government agencies, official organization, foundations, colleges, universities, encyclopedias and established mainstream media outlets.

If you think that there is a credible website that deserves to be on our list, but it isn't, you can leave a comment in the comment section below or contact edvog.com via the contact page, every consideration will be taken very seriously.

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