What Are The Most Intelligent Online Communities?

What Are The Most Intelligent Online Communities? Which Online Communities Provide The Best Written Content? Which Q&A Website Provides The Highest Level Of Discussion? Here you will find the answer to all these questions, plus an analysis of the most important Q & A sites.

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Before, I answer the questions above, let's take a look at the biggest virtual communities found on the today's internet. The Top 10 largest virtual communities, where English is the main language, are:

Rank - Name - Active user accounts
1. Facebook - 2.2 billion
2. YouTube - 1.9 billion
3. Instagram - 1 billion
4. LinkedIn - 590 million
5. Tumblr - 550 million
6. Twitter - 335 million
7. Reddit - 330 million
8. Snapchat - 300 million
9. Google+ - 212 million
10. Pinterest - 200 million

From all the above virtual communities, the only one that resembles with a Q&A Website or a forum / site where people can interact and have long discussions on different topics is Reddit. Tumblr and Twitter format are limited, therefore, is hard to have a good open discussion on a particular subject on either of these two platforms. So, is Reddit the answer to all our questions? Not really, I will give you a more detailed response after we analyze the main Q & A Websites:

Name - Founded - Short Description

Answers.com - 2005 - a question and answer site on all topics

Quora - 2009 - a question and answer site on many topics

Stack Exchange - 2008 - a network of Q & A Websites on topics in diverse fields

MathOverflow - 2009 - a question and answer site for professional mathematicians

PhysicsOverflow - 2014 - a question and answer site for professional physicists

Stack Overflow - 2008 - a question and answer site for Software developers

Yahoo! Answers - 2005 - a question and answer site on all topics

WikiAnswers - 2002 - a question and answer site on many topics that was subsumed by Answers.com in 2018

Some other well known Q & A Websites like Google Answers, Google Questions and Answers, Mahalo.com and LinkedIn Answers have closed in the recent years.

Now, which online communities do you think has more smarter / intelligent people with the highest level of discussion, the communities with professional mathematicians and physicists, or the communities where everyone can answer a question. I think the obvious answer to all the questions of this article, is: The most intelligent online communities with the highest level of discussion and the best written content are MathOverflow and PhysicsOverflow.

Yahoo! Answers vs Reddit vs Quora

Yahoo! Answers provides short questions and answers, plus most of them seem like spam. Reddit provides good questions, but the answers are mostly simple jokes made by different individuals that do not take the platform seriously. Quora has good questions and a high level of discussion with long well written answers, the users take the platform seriously and the website is improving year by year. So, which of the three Yahoo! Answers, Reddit and Quora has the most intelligent online community - The answer is simple, none of them. The users of all of these platforms have the same level of intelligence, the problem lies in the user engagement, that is the main reason why Quora seems to have more intelligent users.

About Information found on virtual communities and wiki websites

The virtual communities (like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Quora etc.) and wiki websites (like Wikipedia), do not provide information 100% accurate, they provide information as a starting point for users to further check on more reliable sources, like: government agencies, official organization, foundations, colleges, universities, encyclopedias and established mainstream media outlets.

Interesting articles to read on Edvog.com
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