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Spanish Time Days Months Colors

Learn the Spanish Days of the Week, Months of the Year, Seasons, Colors and How to Tell the Time. Here you will learn the Spanish names for days, months, seasons and colors. Lesson provided by

Telling Time in Spanish

Now let's study how to say in Spanish What time is it? and how to answer if you are asked by someone the time. The pronunciation tips are found on the third column.

English - Spanish (Pronunciation)
What time is it, please? - ¿Qué hora es, por favor? (kay orah ays, por fah-vor)
it's one o'clock - está uno (ays-tah oo-noh)
it's two o'clock - son las dos (son las dohs)
it's three o'clock - son las tres (son las trayss)
it's four o'clock - son las cuatro (son las kwah-troh)
it's five o'clock - son las cinco (son las seen-koh)
it's six o'clock - son las seis (son las says)
it's seven o'clock - son las siete (son las syeh-tay)
it's eight o'clock - son las ocho (son las oh-choh)
it's nine o'clock - son las nueve (son las nway-vay)
it's ten o'clock - son las diez (son las dyehs)
it's eleven o'clock - son las once (son las ohn-say)
it's twelve o'clock - son las doce (son las doh-say)
it's four fifteen - son las cuatro y quince (son las kwah-troh ee keen-say)
it's half past four - está cuatro y media (ays-tah kwah-troh ee may-deeah)
it's four forty-five - son las cuatro y cuarenta y cinco (son las kwah-troh ee kwah-rayn-tah ee seen-koh)

How to say minutes / hours / days / months / years in the Spanish language? In the list below you will learn how to say minutes / hours / days / months / years in Spanish.

English - Spanish (Pronunciation)
minute / minutes - minuto / minutos (mee-noo-toh / mee-noo-tohs)
hour / hours - hora / horas (orah / orahs)
day / days - día / días (deea / deeas)
month / months - semana / semanas (say-ma-nah / say-ma-nahs)
year / years - año / años (aneeoh / aneeohs)

Spanish Phrases and Vocabulary about Time

If you want to improve your Spanish vocabulary with some common words about time, then we recommend you to study carefully the following list.

English - Spanish (Pronunciation)
morning - mañana (ma-neea-nah)
afternoon - tarde (tar-day)
night - noche (no-chay)
A.M - de la mañana (day la ma-neea-nah)
P.M - de la tarde (day la tar-day)
It's five o'clock A.M - Son las cinco de la mañana (son las seen-koh day la ma-neea-nah)
It's five o'clock P.M - Son las cinco de la tarde (son las seen-koh day la tar-day)

Days of the week in Spanish

Now let's study how to say in Spanish What day is today? and how to answer if you are asked by someone. The pronunciation tips are found on the third column.

English - Spanish (Pronunciation)
What day is today? - ¿Qué día es hoy? (kay dee-ah ays oh-ee)
Today is... - Hoy es... (oh-ee ays)
Monday - Lunes (loo-nehs)
Tuesday - Martes (mar-tays)
Wednesday - Miércoles (mee-ehr-koh-lays)
Thursday - Jueves (hoo-ay-vays)
Friday - Viernes (vee-ehr-nays)
Saturday - Sábado (sah-bah-doh)
Sunday - Domingo (doh-meen-goh)

Months of the year in Spanish

Below you will study the Spanish names of the months of the year. The pronunciation tips are found on the third column.

English - Spanish (Pronunciation)
January - Enero (eh-neh-ro)
February - Febrero (fehv-ray-ro)
March - Marzo (mars-soh)
April - Abril (abreel)
May - Mayo (ma-yoh)
June - Junio (hoo-neeoh)
July - Julio (hoo-leeo)
August - Agosto (ah-ostoh)
September - Septiembre (sep-tee-ehm-bray)
October - Octubre (octoo-bray)
November - Noviembre (noh-vee-ehm-bray)
December - Diciembre (dee-see-ehm-bray)

Seasons of the year in Spanish

Below you will study the Spanish names of the seasons of the year. The pronunciation tips are found on the third column.

English - Spanish (Pronunciation)
Spring - primavera (pree-ma-vay-rah)
Summer - verano (vay-rah-noh)
Autumn - otoño (otoh-neeo)
Winter - invierno (een-vee-ehr-noh)

Spanish Vocabulary related to Days, Months, Seasons and Weather

For learners who want to improve their Spanish vocabulary, we have put together a list with common words and phrases, useful in conversations about days of the week, months of the year and seasons. In the list below are also included some weather related words.

English - Spanish (Pronunciation)
today - hoy (oh-ee)
tomorrow - mañana (ma-neeahnah)
yesterday - ayer (ah-ee-ayr)
day / days - día / días (dee-ah / dee-ahs)
week / weeks - semana / semanas (say-ma-nah / say-ma-nahs)
weekend - fin de semana (feen deh say-ma-nah)
weather - tiempo (tee-ehm-poh)
weather forecast - pronóstico del tiempo (proh-noh-stee-koh dayl tee-ehm-poh)
How's the weather today? - ¿Qué tiempo hace hoy? (kay tee-ehm-poh asay oy)
How's the weather? - ¿Qué tiempo hace? (kay tee-ehm-poh asay)
It's sunny - Hace sol (asay sohl)
It's cloudy - Hay nubes (ay noo-bays)
It's frosty - Está helado (es-tah eh-lah-doh)
It's freezing - Hace mucho frío (asay moo-cho free-oh)
clear - despejado (days-pay-ahdo)
clouds - nubes (noo-bays)
cold - frío (free-oh)
earthquake - terremoto (tayr-ray-moto)
fog - niebla (nee-eh-blah)
frost - escarcha (es-car-cha)
ice - hielo (ee-eh-loh)
lightning - relámpago (ray-lam-pah-goh)
precipitation - precipitación (pray-see-pee-tah-see-on)
rain - lluvia (yoo-vee-ah)
snow - nieve (nee-eh-vay)
star - estrella (es-tray-ee-ah)
storm - tormenta (tor-men-tah)
sun - sol (sohl)
sunrise - salida del sol (sah-lee-dah dayl sohl)
sunset - puesta del sol (poo-es-tah dayl sohl)
very warm - muy cálido (mooee kah-lee-doh)
warm - caliente (kah-lee-ehn-tay)

Colors in Spanish

In this lesson provided by you will learn the name of the colors and how to pronounce them in the Spanish language. Here you will find pronunciation tips, common words and phrases, examples and other useful resources that will make the learning process fun and easy.

English - Spanish (Pronunciation)
white - blanco (blahn-koh)
black - negro (neh-groh)
gray - gris (grees)
red - rojo (roh-hoh)
blue - azul (asool)
green - verde (vayr-day)
yellow - amarillo (ama-ree-eeo)
orange - naranja (nah-rahn-hah)
pink - rosa (roh-sah)
brown - marrón (ma-ron)
turquoise - turquesa (toor-kesah)
beige - beige (beige)
silver - plata (plah-tah)
gold - oro (oroh)

Spanish Colors Phrases

Now we will study a list of short phrases with each of the Spanish colors learned in the first table, this way you will be able to better understand how to use the Spanish color names in sentences.

English - Spanish
a white dress - un vestido blanco
a black car - un coche negro
a gray suit - un traje gris
a red apple - una manzana roja
the sky is blue - el cielo es azul
the grass is green - el pasto es verde
a yellow lemon - un limón amarillo
an orange light - una luz naranja
My favorite color is pink - Mi color favorito es rosa
a brown chair - una silla marrón
a turquoise shirt - una camisa turquesa
a beige shirt - una camisa beige
silver colored - color plata
gold colored - color oro

Important! Because some Spanish sounds are not found in English we have tried to come up with something that sounds similar, for this reason the pronunciation tips from above are simply informational and does not offer any guarantee.

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