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English German Dictionary: Words starting with B

Common words starting with B translated by from English into German. If you want to see the German translation, please select a word from the table below.

baby back bad
bag balance balcony
ball band bandage
bank bar basic
bat bathroom (to) be
bear beat beauty
because become bed
bee been before
began begin behind
believe bell belt
best better between
big bike bill
biology bird bit
black block blood
blue boat (to) boil
boy bracelet brake
bread brick bridge
bring brother bug
(to) build building burn
(to) bury butter by

In the table below you will find the main translations in German for the above words.

English German
baby Baby
back zurück
bad Schlecht
bag Tasche
balance Balance
balcony Balkon
ball Ball
band Band
bandage Bandage / Verband
bank Bank
bar Bar
basic Basic
bat Fledermaus
bathroom Badezimmer
(to) be sein
bear Bär
beat schlagen
beauty Schönheit
because weil
become werden
bed Bett
bee Biene
been gewesen
before vor
began begann
begin beginnen
behind hinter
believe glauben
bell Glocke
belt Gürtel
best Beste
better besser
between zwischen
big groß
bike Fahrrad
bill Rechnung
biology Biologie
bird Vogel
(a) bit Bit / ein bisschen
black schwarz
block Block
blood Blut
blue Blau
boat Boot
(to) boil kochen
boy Junge
bracelet Armband
brake Bremse
bread Brot
brick Backstein
bridge Brücke
(to) bring bringen
brother Bruder
bug Wanze / Fehler
(to) build bauen
building Gebäude
burn brennen
(to) bury begraben
butter Butter
by nach / von / durch


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