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English German Dictionary: Words starting with A

Common words starting with A translated by from English into German. If you want to see the German translation, please select a word from the table below.

able about above
(to) accept accident (to) accuse
act (to) activate action
actor (to) add advance
adversary advice afraid
after again against
age ago agree
air airplane airport
all (to) allow also
always am ambition
among (to) amuse a / an
(to) analyze and angel
anger animal answer
any apartment (to) appear
apple appropriate are
area arm armchair
(to) arrange (to) arrive arrow
art as (to) ask
assess at attack
(to) avoid away

In the table below you will find the main translations in German for the above words.

English German
able fähig
about über
above oben / über
(to) accept akzeptieren
accident Unfall
(to) accuse beschuldigen
act Akt
(to) activate aktivieren
action Aktion
actor Darsteller
(to) add hinzufügen
advance voraus
adversary Gegner
advice Rat
afraid ängstlich
after nach
again nochmal
against gegen
age Alter
ago vor
agree zustimmen
air Luft
airplane Flugzeug
airport Flughafen
all alle
(to) allow ermöglichen
also auch / ebenfalls
always immer
am bin
ambition Ambition
among unter / zwischen
(to) amuse amüsieren
a / an ein
(to) analyze analysieren
and und
angel Engel
anger Zorn
animal Tier
answer Antwort / antworten
any irgendein
apartment Wohnung
(to) appear erscheinen
apple Apfel
appropriate angemessen
are sind
area Bereich
arm Arm
armchair Sessel
(to) arrange ordnen
(to) arrive ankommen
arrow Pfeil
art Kunst
as wie
(to) ask fragen
assess beurteilen
at beim
attack Angriff
(to) avoid vermeiden
away weg

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