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Animals in Spanish

In this lesson provided by you will learn the names of animals in the Spanish language. The pronunciation tips are on the third column.

English Spanish Pronunciation
ant la hormiga lah ormeega
bat el murciélago ayl moor-seeay-lah-go
bear el oso ayl oh-soh
bee la abeja lah abay-ha
bird el ave ayl ah-beh
bull el toro ayl toh-roh
butterfly la mariposa lah mah-ree-poh-sah
calf el becerro ayl bay-ser-roh
cat el gato ayl gah-toh
chicken el pollo ayl poh-eeo
chimpanzee el chimpancé ayl seem-pan-se
cow la vaca lah vah-kah
crocodile el cocodrilo ayl koh-koh-dree-loh
deer el ciervo ayl see-ehrvoh
dog el perro ayl pehr-roh
donkey el burro ayl boor-roh
duck el pato ayl pah-toh
eagle el águila ayl agoo-eelah
fly la mosca lah mos-kah
fox el zorro ayl sor-roh
frog la rana lah rah-nah
giraffe la jirafa lah hee-rah-fah
goat la cabra lah kah-brah
goose el ganso ayl gan-soh
gorilla el gorila ayl goree-lah
horse el caballo ayl kah-bah-eeo
kitten el gatito ayl gah-tee-toh
lion el león ayl lehon
mosquito el mosquito ayl mos-kee-toh
mouse el ratón ayl rat-on
parrot el loro ayl loh-roh
penguin el pingüino ayl peen-goo-eeno
pig el cerdo ayl seer-doh
rabbit el conejo ayl konayho
rooster el gallo ayl gaeeo
scorpion el escorpión ayl eskor-peeon
sheep las ovejas lahss ovay-hass
snake la serpiente lah serpee-ehn-tay
spider la araña lah arah-neeah
squirrel la ardilla lah arh-dee-ah
tiger el tigre ayl tee-greh
turkey el pavo ayl pah-voh
turtle la tortuga lah tor-too-gah
weasel la comadreja lah kohm-ah-dray-hah
whale la ballena lah bah-ee-aynah
wolf el lobo ayl loh-boh
zebra la cebra lah see-ehbrah

Important! Because some Spanish sounds are not found in English we have tried to come up with something that sounds similar, for this reason the pronunciation tips from above are simply informational and does not offer any guarantee.

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