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The Spanish Alphabet with Pronunciation

In this article provided by you will learn the Spanish Alphabet with Pronunciation. The Spanish language has an alphabet composed of 27 letters, the same letters found in the English alphabet plus one extra letter ñ. In the table below you will find the Spanish alphabet and how to pronounce individual Spanish letters.

Letter (Pronunciation) Letter (Pronunciation)
A (a)
B (be)
C (ce)
D (de)
E (e)
F (efe)
G (ge)
H (hache)
I (ee)
J (jota)
K (ka)
L (ele)
M (eme)
N (ene)
O (oh)
P (pe)
Q (koo)
R (erre)
S (ese)
T (tay)
U (oo)
V (uve)
W (doble uve)
X (equis)
Y (ye)
Z (zeta)
Ñ / ñ (nee)

The letters K and W appear almost exclusively in words of foreign origin, such as karate or kilowatt. Until 1994, ch and ll were considered letters but nowadays they are just special sounds found in the Spanish language. To differentiate words that are spelled identically, the vowels (a, e, i, o, u) can be marked with an acute accent á, é, í, ó, ú.

Important! Because some Spanish sounds are not found in English we have tried to come up with something that sounds similar, for this reason the pronunciation tips from above are simply informational and does not offer any guarantee.

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