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Learn the French Animals, Fruits, Vegetables, Foods and Drinks. Here you will learn the French names for animals, fruits, vegetables, foods and drinks. Lesson provided by edvog.com

Animals in French

Below you will learn the names of animals in the French language. The pronunciation tips are on the third column.

English - French (Pronunciation)
ant - la fourmi (lah foor-mee)
bat - la chauve-souris (lah shohv-sooree)
bear - l'ours (loors)
bee - l'abeille (lah-bay-ee)
bird - l'oiseau (loh-aee-zo)
bull - le taureau (luh toh-ro)
butterfly - le papillon (luh pah-pee-on)
calf - le veau (luh voo)
cat - le chat (luh chat)
chicken - le poulet (luh poo-leh)
chimpanzee - le chimpanzé (luh sheem-pan-zay)
cow - la vache (lah vash)
crocodile - le crocodile (luh kro-kodeel)
deer - le cerf (luh sehr)
dog - le chien (luh shee-an)
donkey - l'âne (lahn)
duck - le canard (luh canard)
eagle - l'aigle (luh gle)
fly - la mouche (lah moosh)
fox - le renard (luh raynahr)
frog - la grenouille (lah grenoo-ee)
giraffe - la girafe (lah giraffe)
goat - la chèvre (lah shay-ver)
goose - l'oie (loo-ah-eh)
gorilla - le gorille (luh gohree)
horse - le cheval (luh shay-val)
kitten - le chaton (luh sha-tohn)
lion - le lion (luh lee-on)
mosquito - le moustique (luh moos-teek)
mouse - la souris (lah sooree)
parrot - le perroquet (luh pay-ro-kay)
penguin - le pingouin (luh pan-goo-ah)
pig - le cochon (luh koh-shon)
rabbit - le lapin (luh lah-pan)
rooster - le coq (luh kohk)
scorpion - le scorpion (luh scor-peeohn)
sheep - le mouton (luh moo-tohn)
snake - le serpent (luh serpan)
spider - l'araignée (lah-raynee-eh)
squirrel - l'écureuil (luh koo-rah-eel)
tiger - le tigre (luh teegre)
turkey - le dindon (luh dan-don)
turtle - la tortue (lah tor-tew)
weasel - la belette (lah beau-leht)
whale - la baleine (lah balehn)
wolf - le loup (luh loo)
zebra - le zèbre (luh zebra)

Fruits and Vegetables in French

Improve your French vocabulary with fruits and vegetables names. Here you will find pronunciation tips, common words and phrases, examples and other useful resources that will make the learning process fun and easy.

Fruits in French

In the list below we provide English to French translations for some of the most common fruits, the pronunciation tips are found on the third column.

English - French (Pronunciation)
apple - la pomme (lah pom)
apricot - l'abricot (lah-bree-koh)
banana - la banane (lah bah-nan)
cherry - la cerise (lah say-reez)
grape - le raisin (leh-oh ray-zan)
lemon - le citron (leh-oh see-tron)
lime - la chaux (lah shoh)
olive - l'olive (lol-eev)
orange - l'orange (loh-ran-jeu)
peach - la pêche (lah pehsh)
pear - la poire (lah poo-ar)
pineapple - l'ananas (lah-nah-nas)
pumpkin - la citrouille (lah see-troee)
raspberry - la framboise (lah fram-boo-az)
strawberry - la fraise (lah frehz)

Vegetables in French

In the list below we provide English to French translations for some of the most common vegetables, the pronunciation tips are found on the third column.

English - French (Pronunciation)
bean - le haricot (leh-oh areekoh)
cabbage - le chou (leh-oh shoo)
carrot - la carotte (lah kah-rot)
cauliflower - le chou-fleur (leh-oh shoo-flewar)
corn - le maïs (leh-oh ma-ees)
cucumber - le concombre (leh-oh kon-komb)
green beans - les haricots verts (leh areekoh vehr)
lettuce - la laitue (lah lay-tue)
onion - l'oignon (loh-neeohn)
pea - le pois (leh-oh poo-ah)
potato - la pomme de terre (lah pom deh tehr)
radish - le radis (leh-oh rah-dee)
tomato - la tomate (lah tom-aht)

Food in French

In the list below we provide English to French translations for some of the most common foods, the pronunciation tips are found on the third column.

English - French (Pronunciation)
bacon - le bacon (leh-oh bay-kon)
barbecue - le barbecue (leh-oh barbecue)
beef - le boeuf (leh-oh bowf)
bread - le pain (leh-oh pa)
butter - le beurre (leh-oh bewar)
cake - le gâteau (leh-oh gatow)
cheese - le fromage (leh-oh froh-ma-jeu)
chicken - le poulet (leh-oh pooh-lee)
chocolate - le chocolat (leh-oh sho-koh-la)
crab - le crabe (leh-oh krahb)
duck - le canard (leh-oh kah-nar)
egg - l'œuf (leh-oof)
fish - le poisson (leh-oh poo-ah-son)
goose - l'oie (loo-ah-eh)
ham - le jambon (leh-oh jam-bon)
honey - le miel (leh-oh mee-ayl)
ice cream - la crème glacée (lah krehm gla-say)
jam - la confiture (lah koh-fee-tee-oo)
lamb - l'agneau (lah-nee-ow)
meat - la viande (lah vee-ahnd)
menu - le menu (leh-oh may-nee-oo)
pie - la tarte (lah tart)
pork - la viande de porc (lah vee-ahnd deh pohr)
poultry - la volaille (lah voh-lah-ee)
rice - le riz (leh-oh ree)
roast - le rôti (leh-oh roh-tee)
salad - la salade (lah sah-lahd)
sausage - la saucisse (lah sow-sees)
seafood - les fruits de mer (leh froo-ee deh mehr)
soup - la soupe (lah soop)
steak - le steak (leh-oh stehk)
sugar - le sucre (leh-oh sookre)
turkey - la dinde (lah dand)
veal - le veau (leh-oh vohw)

Drinks in French

In the list below we provide English to French translations for some of the most common drinks, the pronunciation tips are found on the third column.

English - French (Pronunciation)
alcohol - l'alcool (lahl-kohl)
beer - la bière (lah bee-ehr)
coffee - le café (leh-oh kah-fay)
juice - le jus (leh-oh jeu-oo)
milk - le lait (leh-oh lay)
soft drink - les boissons gazeuses (leh boo-ah-son gazewz)
tea - le thé (leh-oh tay)
water - l'eau (low)
wine - le vin (leh-oh van)
decaf coffee - café décaféiné (kah-fay day-kah-fay-eenay)
hot chocolate - chocolat chaud (sho-koh-la shoh)
non-alcoholic - non alcoolique (non alkoh-leek)
red wine - vin rouge (van roojeu)
white wine - vin blanc (van blon)

Food and Drink: Related French Words

If you want to go out to eat or to cook a meal in a place where you need to speak French, the food and beverages vocabulary learned until now may not be enough, this is why we have put together a list of words that may come in handy in conversations related to foods and beverages. The pronunciation tips are found on the third column.

English - French (Pronunciation)
baked - cuit au four (koo-wee ow foor)
breakfast - le petit déjeuner (leh-oh pay-teet day-jeu-nay)
boiled - bouilli (boo-ee)
bottle - la bouteille (lah boo-tay-ee)
Check please! - L'addition s'il vous plait! (lah-dee-see-on seel voo play)
cold - froid (froh-ah)
dinner - le dîner (leh-oh dee-nay)
dishes - les plats (leh plah)
fork - la fourche (lah foorsh)
fried - frit (free)
glass - le verre (leh-oh veh-ar)
home made - fait à la maison (feht ah lah may-zon)
hot - chaud (shoh)
ice - la glace (lah glass)
knife - le couteau (leh-oh koo-tow)
lunch - le déjeuner (leh-oh day-jeu-nay)
mustard - la moutarde (lah moo-tard)
napkin - la serviette (lah sehr-vee-eht)
oil - l'huile (loo-eel)
pepper - le poivre (leh-oh poo-av-ar)
plate - le plateau (leh-oh plah-tow)
salt - le sel (leh-oh sehl)
smoked - fumé (foo-may)
spicy - épicé (eh-pee-say)
spoon - la cuillère (lah koo-ee-ehl)
steamed - cuit à la vapeur (koo-wee ah lah vah-pewar)
table - la table (lah tabla)
taste - le goût (leh-oh goo)
tasty - savoureux (sah-voh-rew)
vinegar - le vinaigre (leh-oh vee-nehgr)
waiter - le garçon (leh-oh gar-son)
waitress - la serveuse (lah ser-vewz)
to pay - à payer (ah pay-eh)

Important! Because some French sounds are not found in English we have tried to come up with something that sounds similar, for this reason the pronunciation tips from above are simply informational and does not offer any guarantee.

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