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Browse all the articles published on - I like to write articles on various topics, such as: languages, society, health, medicine, games, gaming, future, biology, chemistry, physics, geography, technology and more... The pages found below are ordered by the date of publication.

Rivers of Italy | Italian Rivers - What is the longest river in Italy?
Rivers of France | French Rivers - What is the longest river in France?
Earthquake Risk Zones - Seismic Hazard World Map
Top 5 Safest Countries In Case Of World War

The Best Quality Of Life Top 5 Countries To Live In, Work, Retire 2019
Countries of the World A-Z List Population and Capital Cities
Who Are The Oldest Billionaires In 2019?
Who Are The Youngest Billionaires In 2019?
Richest People In Asia 2019 Top Billionaires
Richest People In Europe 2019 Top Billionaires
Richest People In America 2019 Top Billionaires
How Many People Have 1 Billion Dollars In 2019?
Richest People In The World 2019 Top Billionaires
Spanish English Dictionary Common Words

English Spanish Dictionary Common Words
Spanish Travel Vocabulary and Phrases
Spanish Animals Fruits Vegetables Food
Spanish Time Days Months Colors
Learn Spanish: Alphabet, Numbers 1-1000, Greetings
German English Dictionary Common Words
English German Dictionary Common Words
German Travel Vocabulary and Phrases
German Animals Fruits Vegetables Food
German Time Days Months Colors

Learn German: Alphabet, Numbers 1-1000, Greetings
Kickstarter vs Indiegogo vs Patreon Crowdfunding 2019
French English Dictionary Common Words
English French Dictionary Common Words
French Travel Vocabulary and Phrases
French Animals Fruits Vegetables Food
French Time Days Months Colors
Learn French: Alphabet, Numbers 1-1000, Greetings
Italian English Dictionary Common Words
English Italian Dictionary Common Words

Italian Travel Vocabulary and Phrases
Italian Animals Fruits Vegetables Food
Italian Time Days Months Colors
Learn Italian: Alphabet, Numbers 1-1000, Greetings
Edvog Explorer 3D Platformer Mobile Game
Edvog Explorer Game
Modern Medicine vs. Alternative Medicine
Rivers of Germany | German Rivers - What is the longest river in Germany?
What is an Atom? What are Atoms made of?
Largest Animals in the World | Biggest Animals on Earth

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