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What is modern medicine?

Here you will find what modern medicine is really about, not just a simple definition. First, let's talk about the definitions and differences between medicine in comparison with modern medicine.

A simple definition of Medicine - The science behind diagnosis, prevention and treatment of disease is called medicine. In the past, medicine was more of an art, nowadays is more science than art. The medicine of the past is called traditional medicine or folk medicine. The differences - Medicine and modern medicine have similar definitions, the differences are in the history, modern medicine started since the advent of modern science while medicine has existed for thousands of years. Nowadays, in the developed countries around the world, medicine is one and the same with modern medicine, while in developing countries, the lack of funds and knowledge, made medicine to be something similar with traditional medicine.

Important aspects of modern medicine are defined by science and research, even though is based on science, medicine is not an exact science. The use of statistical methods, but not solely, qualifies modern medicine as an applied science. The practice of medicine, in past or present time, was and is considered to be an art.

Modern medicine aims to provide the best care available for any person that needs assistance. A patient, normally, is treated by health professionals educated, trained and licensed by accredited institutions. The medical institutions are funded by individual governments and sometimes by international organizations. In any developed country, the medical institutions are a part of the health care system.

Besides doctors there are many health professionals involved in modern medicine, for example: nurses, paramedics, pharmacists, speech therapists, radiographers, surgeons, surgical technologist, and more...

In today's modern medicine there are many branches, specializations and sub-specializations, for example: Anatomy, Biochemistry, Cytology, Genetics, Neuroscience, Pharmacology, Physiology, Surgical specialty, Internal specialty, Diagnostic specialties, Neurology, and more...

This was a broad description of modern medicine, of course, to discuss every aspect of today's medicine, we have to write books or even libraries, because, medicine has evolved a lot from the past and the medical knowledge is very vast, for now, I think is enough information for our visitors who searched the meaning of modern medicine. If you liked this article and you want to read more about medicine, all you have to do is to search on our website, on you can find interesting articles about: health, medicine, biology, chemistry, and more...


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