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Most Important German Rivers

Here you will learn some quick facts about the Most Important German Rivers. This is a special page if you like the geography of the world or if you want to book a German river cruise in the near future, because, here you will learn important geographical information about all the major rivers found in Germany. If you like the geography of the world as much as we do, then you are in the right place, because on our website every article we post is completely original and every piece of information we provide is as accurate as it gets, just to make your life easier and the learning environment more simpler.

German Rivers Name, Length, Origin and Mouth
Most Important German Rivers
Major German Rivers - Top 10 German Rivers

German Rivers Questions & Answers

Below we have answered some of the most frequently asked questions about German rivers.

What is the longest river found in Germany? The Rhine river is the longest river found in Germany according to the length of the river that crosses the most part of the German territory, this mention is necessary because normally the longest river that crosses through Germany is the Danube river.

How do you say German rivers in the German language? German rivers translated into the German language is Deutsche Flüsse. If you want to say Rivers of Germany, then the correct translation will be: Deutschland Flüsse or Flüsse in Deutschland.

What are the most important German rivers? The most important rivers found on the German territory are Rhine, Weser, Elbe, Oder and Danube. Now, let's learn some important facts about each of them:

Most Important German Rivers

The Rhine river is formed in the Swiss Alps and has the outflow into the North Sea. The Rhine river flows through six countries and is a part of the border between Germany and France. How do you say Rhine in German? The Rhine river in the German language is called der Rhein.

The Weser river has the outflow into the North Sea and is the only river that forms and drains entirely within Germany. The Weser river is formed by the confluence of the rivers Fulda and Werra.

The Elbe river is formed in the mountains of the northern Czech Republic and drains into the North Sea after crossing the German territory.

The Oder river is formed in the Czech Republic and drains into the Baltic Sea. Part of the border between Germany and Poland is formed by the Oder river.

Last but not least, the Danube river is formed in the Black Forest of Germany passing through ten countries and four capital cities before emptying into the Black Sea, Romania. The Danube river is the second longest river in Europe. How do you say Danube in German? The Danube river in German language is called die Donau.



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