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Animals in German

In this lesson provided by you will learn the names of animals in the German language. The pronunciation tips are on the third column.

English German Pronunciation
ant die Ameise dee Amighzay
bat die Fledermaus dee Flayder-maoos
bear der Bär dare Bay-ar
bee die Biene dee Bee-nay
bird der Vogel dare fogal
bull der Stier dare Shtee-ar
butterfly der Schmetterling dare Schmetterling
calf das Kalb das Kalb
cat die Katze dee Katzay
chicken das Huhn das Hoon
chimpanzee der Schimpanse dare Shimpanzay
cow die Kuh dee Koo
crocodile das Krokodil das Krokodil
deer der Hirsch dare Heersh
dog der Hund dare Hoont
donkey der Esel dare eeh-zel
duck die Ente dee Entar
eagle der Adler dare Adler
fly die Fliege dee Fleekay
fox der Fuchs dare Foochs
frog der Frosch dare Frosh
giraffe die Giraffe dee keeraffay
goat die Ziege dee tseekay
goose die Gans dee Gants
gorilla der Gorilla dare Gorilla
horse das Pferd das Pfet
kitten das Kätzchen das Katsee-en
lion der Löwe dare Loo-veh
mosquito die Mücke dee Mew-kay
mouse die Maus dee Maoos
parrot der Papagei dare Papagahee
penguin der Pinguin dare Peen-goo-een
pig das Schwein das Shvaeen
rabbit der Hase dare Ha-zay
rooster der Hahn dare Hah-an
scorpion der Skorpion dare Skor-pee-on
sheep das Schaf das Shaf
snake die Schlange dee Shlan-kay
spider die Spinne dee Shpeen-ne
squirrel das Eichhörnchen das igh-hoern-hen
tiger der Tiger dare Tigar
turkey der Truthahn dare Truth-han
turtle die Schildkröte dee Shielt-krer-tay
weasel das Wiesel das vee-zal
whale der Wal dare Val
wolf der Wolf dare Vohlf
zebra das Zebra das Tsee-bra

Important! Because some German sounds are not found in English we have tried to come up with something that sounds similar, for this reason the pronunciation tips from above are simply informational and does not offer any guarantee.

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