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Telling Time in French

Here you will learn how to tell time in French and how to pronounce common words and phrases related to time. This lesson, provided by, is part of our free online French course.

Now let's study how to say in French What time is it? and how to answer if you are asked by someone the time. The pronunciation tips are found on the third column.

English French Pronunciation
What time is it, please? Quelle heure est-il s'il vous plaît? kayl eh-oor eh teel seel voo play
it's one o'clock Il est une heure eel eht oone eh-oor
it's two o'clock Il est deux heures eel eh dewz eh-oor
it's three o'clock Il est trois heures eel eh tro-ahz eh-oor
it's four o'clock Il est quatre heures eel eh katra eh-oor
it's five o'clock Il est cinq heures eel eh sank eh-oor
it's six o'clock Il est six heures eel eh seez eh-oor
it's seven o'clock Il est sept heures eel eh set eh-oor
it's eight o'clock Il est huit heures eel eh oo-wee eh-oor
it's nine o'clock Il est neuf heures eel eh newf eh-oor
it's ten o'clock Il est dix heures eel eh deez eh-oor
it's eleven o'clock Il est onze heures eel eh onz eh-oor
it's twelve o'clock Il est douze heures eel eh dooz eh-oor
it's five fifteen Il est cinq heures quinze eel eh sank eh-oor kanz
it's half past five Il est cinq heures et demie soh-noh leh onn-dee-chee eh meh-tsoh
it's five forty-five Il est cinq heures moins quinze eel eh sank eh-oor mooah kanz

How to say minutes / hours / days / months / years in the French language? In the table below you will learn how to say minutes / hours / days / months / years in French.

English French Pronunciation
minute / minutes minute / minutes mee-nee-oot / mee-nee-oots
hour / hours heure / heures eh-oor / eh-oors
day / days jour / journées joor / joor-nay
month / months mois mooah
year / years année / années anay / anays
French Phrases and Vocabulary about Time

If you want to improve your French vocabulary with some common words about time, then we recommend you to study carefully the following table.

English French Pronunciation
morning matin ma-tan
afternoon après-midi ah-pray-mee-dee
evening soirée soo-ah-ray
night nuit noo-wee
in the evening dans la soirée dan lah soo-ah-ray
A.M du matin du ma-tan
P.M de l'après-midi deh lah-pray-mee-dee
It's five o'clock A.M Il est cinq heures du matin eel eh sank eh-oor dew ma-tan
It's four o'clock P.M Il est quatre heures de l'après-midi eel eh katra eh-oor deh lah-pray-mee-dee

Important! Because some French sounds are not found in English we have tried to come up with something that sounds similar, for this reason the pronunciation tips from above are simply informational and does not offer any guarantee.

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