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French Numbers 1-1000

Now, you will learn the French Numbers 1-1000 and how to count in French with pronunciation tips. In order to properly sustain simple conversations in French, about: time, age, prices, money, etc. you have to know the numbers and how to count. The table below will start with the number 1, and among our readers may be some people wondering How do you say zero in French? Zero in French is zéro and the pronunciation zay-ro.

Counting in French - French Numbers 1-20

First step is to learn the numbers from 1 to 20 in French. The numbers from 1 to 20 should be memorized exactly as they are, especially the numbers from 1 to 10.

English French Pronunciation
one un ahn
two deux dew
three trois troo-ah
four quatre katra
five cinq sank
six six seez
seven sept set
eight huit oo-eet
nine neuf newf
ten dix dee
eleven onze onz
twelve douze dooz
thirteen treize trayz
fourteen quatorze kah-tohrz
fifteen quinze kanz
sixteen seize sez
seventeen dix-sept dee-set
eighteen dix-huit dee-oo-eet
nineteen dix-neuf dee-newf
twenty vingt van
Counting in French - French Numbers 21-69

The French numbers from 21 to 69 are easy to remember if you know the name of the tens. If you want to form a number from 21 to 69 in the French language, you need to combine the tens with the numbers 1 to 9.

English French Pronunciation
twenty-one vingt et un vant eh oon
twenty-two vingt-deux van-dew
twenty-three vingt-trois van-tro-ah
twenty-nine vingt-neuf van-newf
thirty trente tront
forty quarante kah-rant
fifty cinquante sank-ont
sixty soixante swa-sont
sixty-one soixante et un swa-sont eh oon
sixty-two soixante-deux swa-sont-dew
sixty-three soixante-trois swa-sont-tro-ah
sixty-nine soixante-neuf swa-sont-newf
Counting in French - French Numbers 70-99

The French numbers from 70 to 99 follow a different pattern. The numbers between 70 and 79 are formed by adding the numbers from 10-19 to the number sixty, for instance: seventy-two is soixante-douze which literally means sixty-twelve. The numbers between 80 and 89 are formed by combining the number 4, the number 20 and the numbers from 1-9, for instance: eighty-two is quatre-vingt-deux which literally means four-twenty-two. The numbers between 90 and 99 are formed by combining the number 4, the number 20 and the numbers from 10-19, for instance: ninety-two is quatre-vingt-douze which literally means four-twenty-twelve.

English French Pronunciation
seventy soixante-dix swa-sont-dee
seventy-one soixante et onze swa-sont eh onz
seventy-two soixante-douze swa-sont-dooz
seventy-three soixante-treize swa-sont-trayz
seventy-nine soixante-dix-neuf swa-sont-dee-newf
eighty quatre-vingts katr-van
eighty-one quatre-vingt-un katr-van-oon
eighty-two quatre-vingt-deux katr-van-dew
eighty-three quatre-vingt-trois katr-van-troo-ah
eighty-nine quatre-vingt-neuf katr-van-newf
ninety quatre-vingt-dix katr-van-dee
ninety-one quatre-vingt-onze katr-van-onz
ninety-two quatre-vingt-douze katr-van-dooz
ninety-three quatre-vingt-treize katr-van-trayz
ninety-nine quatre-vingt-dix-neuf katr-van-dee-newf
Counting in French - French Numbers 100 to 1000+

Forming hundreds and thousands in French is the same as in English. All you have to do is to learn how to say hundred (cent) and thousand (mille) in French.

English French Pronunciation
one hundred cent son
two hundred deux cents dew son
three hundred trois cents tro-ah son
one thousand mille meel
two thousand deux mille dew meel

People in France are using commas instead of decimal points, for example: English 20,000.70 = French 20.000,70

Important! Because some French sounds are not found in English we have tried to come up with something that sounds similar, for this reason the pronunciation tips from above are simply informational and does not offer any guarantee.

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