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Food and Drink in French

In this lesson provided by you will improve your French vocabulary with food and beverages names. If you want to order foods and drinks in French, this lesson can help you a lot. Here you will find pronunciation tips, common words and phrases, examples and other useful resources that will make the learning process fun and easy. If you want to learn the French names for some of the most commonly found fruits and vegetables we recommend you the following lesson Fruits and Vegetables in French

Food in French

In the table below we provide English to French translations for some of the most common foods, the pronunciation tips are found on the third column.

English French Pronunciation
bacon le bacon leh-oh bay-kon
barbecue le barbecue leh-oh barbecue
beef le boeuf leh-oh bowf
bread le pain leh-oh pa
butter le beurre leh-oh bewar
cake le gâteau leh-oh gatow
cheese le fromage leh-oh froh-ma-jeu
chicken le poulet leh-oh pooh-lee
chocolate le chocolat leh-oh sho-koh-la
crab le crabe leh-oh krahb
duck le canard leh-oh kah-nar
egg l'œuf leh-oof
fish le poisson leh-oh poo-ah-son
goose l'oie loo-ah-eh
ham le jambon leh-oh jam-bon
honey le miel leh-oh mee-ayl
ice cream la crème glacée lah krehm gla-say
jam la confiture lah koh-fee-tee-oo
lamb l'agneau lah-nee-ow
meat la viande lah vee-ahnd
menu le menu leh-oh may-nee-oo
pie la tarte lah tart
pork la viande de porc lah vee-ahnd deh pohr
poultry la volaille lah voh-lah-ee
rice le riz leh-oh ree
roast le rôti leh-oh roh-tee
salad la salade lah sah-lahd
sausage la saucisse lah sow-sees
seafood les fruits de mer leh froo-ee deh mehr
soup la soupe lah soop
steak le steak leh-oh stehk
sugar le sucre leh-oh sookre
turkey la dinde lah dand
veal le veau leh-oh vohw
Drinks in French

In the table below we provide English to French translations for some of the most common drinks, the pronunciation tips are found on the third column.

English French Pronunciation
alcohol l'alcool lahl-kohl
beer la bière lah bee-ehr
coffee le café leh-oh kah-fay
juice le jus leh-oh jeu-oo
milk le lait leh-oh lay
soft drink les boissons gazeuses leh boo-ah-son gazewz
tea le thé leh-oh tay
water l'eau low
wine le vin leh-oh van
decaf coffee café décaféiné kah-fay day-kah-fay-eenay
hot chocolate chocolat chaud sho-koh-la shoh
non-alcoholic non alcoolique non alkoh-leek
red wine vin rouge van roojeu
white wine vin blanc van blon
Food and Drink: Related French Words

If you want to go out to eat or to cook a meal in a place where you need to speak French, the food and beverages vocabulary learned until now may not be enough, this is why we have put together a list of words that may come in handy in conversations related to foods and beverages. The pronunciation tips are found on the third column.

English French Pronunciation
baked cuit au four koo-wee ow foor
breakfast le petit déjeuner leh-oh pay-teet day-jeu-nay
boiled bouilli boo-ee
bottle la bouteille lah boo-tay-ee
Check please! L'addition s'il vous plait! lah-dee-see-on seel voo play
cold froid froh-ah
dinner le dîner leh-oh dee-nay
dishes les plats leh plah
fork la fourche lah foorsh
fried frit free
glass le verre leh-oh veh-ar
home made fait à la maison feht ah lah may-zon
hot chaud shoh
ice la glace lah glass
knife le couteau leh-oh koo-tow
lunch le déjeuner leh-oh day-jeu-nay
mustard la moutarde lah moo-tard
napkin la serviette lah sehr-vee-eht
oil l'huile loo-eel
pepper le poivre leh-oh poo-av-ar
plate le plateau leh-oh plah-tow
salt le sel leh-oh sehl
smoked fumé foo-may
spicy épicé eh-pee-say
spoon la cuillère lah koo-ee-ehl
steamed cuit à la vapeur koo-wee ah lah vah-pewar
table la table lah tabla
taste le goût leh-oh goo
tasty savoureux sah-voh-rew
vinegar le vinaigre leh-oh vee-nehgr
waiter le garçon leh-oh gar-son
waitress la serveuse lah ser-vewz
to pay à payer ah pay-eh

Important! Because some French sounds are not found in English we have tried to come up with something that sounds similar, for this reason the pronunciation tips from above are simply informational and does not offer any guarantee.

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