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Animals in French

In this lesson provided by you will learn the names of animals in the French language. The pronunciation tips are on the third column.

English French Pronunciation
ant la fourmi lah foor-mee
bat la chauve-souris lah shohv-sooree
bear l'ours loors
bee l'abeille lah-bay-ee
bird l'oiseau loh-aee-zo
bull le taureau luh toh-ro
butterfly le papillon luh pah-pee-on
calf le veau luh voo
cat le chat luh chat
chicken le poulet luh poo-leh
chimpanzee le chimpanzé luh sheem-pan-zay
cow la vache lah vash
crocodile le crocodile luh kro-kodeel
deer le cerf luh sehr
dog le chien luh shee-an
donkey l'âne lahn
duck le canard luh canard
eagle l'aigle luh gle
fly la mouche lah moosh
fox le renard luh raynahr
frog la grenouille lah grenoo-ee
giraffe la girafe lah giraffe
goat la chèvre lah shay-ver
goose l'oie loo-ah-eh
gorilla le gorille luh gohree
horse le cheval luh shay-val
kitten le chaton luh sha-tohn
lion le lion luh lee-on
mosquito le moustique luh moos-teek
mouse la souris lah sooree
parrot le perroquet luh pay-ro-kay
penguin le pingouin luh pan-goo-ah
pig le cochon luh koh-shon
rabbit le lapin luh lah-pan
rooster le coq luh kohk
scorpion le scorpion luh scor-peeohn
sheep le mouton luh moo-tohn
snake le serpent luh serpan
spider l'araignée lah-raynee-eh
squirrel l'écureuil luh koo-rah-eel
tiger le tigre luh teegre
turkey le dindon luh dan-don
turtle la tortue lah tor-tew
weasel la belette lah beau-leht
whale la baleine lah balehn
wolf le loup luh loo
zebra le zèbre luh zebra

Important! Because some French sounds are not found in English we have tried to come up with something that sounds similar, for this reason the pronunciation tips from above are simply informational and does not offer any guarantee.

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