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Italian Numbers 1-1000

Now, you will learn the Italian Numbers 1-1000 and how to count in Italian with pronunciation tips. First, let's learn how Italians are calling the number zero. In Italian zero is called zero and the pronunciation is ze-roh. In the table below you will learn the numbers from 1 to 30 in Italian.

English Italian Pronunciation
one uno oo-noh
two due doo-eh
three tre treh
four quattro kwaht-troh
five cinque cheen-kweh
six sei seh-ee
seven sette set-teh
eight otto oht-toh
nine nove noh-veh
ten dieci dee-eh-chee
eleven undici onn-dee-chee
twelve dodici doh-dee-chee
thirteen tredici treh-dee-chee
fourteen quattordici kwaht-tor-dee-chee
fifteen quindici kween-dee-chee
sixteen sedici seh-dee-chee
seventeen diciassette dee-chahs-set-teh
eighteen diciotto dee-choht-toh
nineteen diciannove dee-chahn-noh-veh
twenty venti ven-tee
twenty-one ventuno ven-too-noh
twenty-two ventidue ven-tee-doo-eh
twenty-three ventitré ven-tee-treh
twenty-four ventiquattro ven-tee-kwaht-troh
twenty-five venticinque ven-tee-cheen-kweh
twenty-six ventisei ven-tee-seh-ee
twenty-seven ventisette ven-tee-set-teh
twenty-eight ventotto ven-toht-toh
twenty-nine ventinove ven-tee-noh-veh
thirty trenta tren-tah
Counting in Italian - Italian Numbers 31 to 99

Numbers in Italian from 31 to 99 are formed according to the following pattern: tensunits. e.g: trentasette (thirty-seven), cinquantaquattro (fifty-four), ottantadue (eighty-two). The most important thing to remember from this second table are the names of the tens. Note! The numbers ending in uno (one) and otto (eight) follow a different pattern: the last letter of the tens is cut from the word (trentauno => trentuno). All the exact tens from 40 to 90 end in '-anta'. Since you already know the numbers from 1 to 30, this second table will start from 31.

English Italian Pronunciation
thirty-one trentuno tren-too-noh
thirty-two trentadue tren-tah-doo-eh
thirty-three trentatré tren-tah-treh
forty quaranta kwah-rahn-tah
fifty cinquanta cheen-kwahn-tah
sixty sessanta ses-sahn-tah
seventy settanta set-tahn-ta
eighty ottanta oht-tahn-ta
ninety novanta noh-vahn-tah
Counting in Italian - Italian Numbers 100 to 1000+

If you want to form hundreds or thousands in the Italian language all you have to do is to glue the number of hundreds or thousands with the word cento or mila. The word mila is the plural form of the word mille, cento has no plural form.

English Italian Pronunciation
one hundred cento chen-toh
two hundred duecento doo-eh-chen-toh
three hundred trecento treh-chen-toh
four hundred quattrocento kwaht-troh-chen-toh
five hundred cinquecento cheen-kweh-chen-toh
six hundred seicento seh-ee-chen-toh
seven hundred settecento set-teh-chen-toh
eight hundred ottocento oht-toh-chen-toh
nine hundred novecento noh-veh-chen-toh
one thousand mille mee-leh
two thousand duemila doo-eh-mee-lah
three thousand tremila treh-mee-lah
Mathematics in Italian

Here, you will find some of the most used words in mathematics translated in Italian:

English Italian Pronunciation
divide diviso dee-vee-zo
equals uguale ooguale
minus meno mee-noh
multiply per per
plus più pyoo

Important! Because some Italian sounds are not found in English we have tried to come up with something that sounds similar, for this reason the pronunciation tips from above are simply informational and does not offer any guarantee.

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