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Food and Drink in Italian

In this lesson provided by you will improve your Italian vocabulary with food and beverages names. If you want to order foods and drinks in Italian, this lesson can help you a lot. Here you will find pronunciation tips, common words and phrases, examples and other useful resources that will make the learning process fun and easy. If you want to learn the Italian names for some of the most commonly found fruits and vegetables we recommend you the following lesson Fruits and Vegetables in Italian

Food in Italian

In the table below we provide English to Italian translations for some of the most common foods, the pronunciation tips are found on the third column.

English Italian Pronunciation
bacon la pancetta la pan-cheht-ta
barbecue il barbecue eel barbecue
beef la carne di manzo la car-neh dee mantsoh
bread il pane eel pa-neh
butter il burro eel boor-ro
cake la torta la tor-tah
cheese il formaggio eel for-mag-gio
chicken il pollo eel pol-lo
chocolate la cioccolata la cheeok-koh-la-ta
crab il granchio eel gran-kee-oh
duck l'anatra la-nat-rah
egg l'uovo loo-oh-voh
fish il pesce eel pes-cheh
goose l'oca lo-kah
ham il prosciutto eel pros-chee-ootoh
honey il miele eel mee-eh-leh
ice cream il gelato eel ge-lah-toh
jam la marmellata la mar-mehl-lah-ta
lamb l'agnello lag-nel-lo
meat la carne la car-neh
menu il menu eel meh-noo
pie la torta la tor-ta
pork la carne di maiale la car-neh dee maee-ah-leh
poultry il pollame eel pol-la-meh
rice il riso eel ree-zo
roast l'arrosto la-ros-toh
salad l'insalata leen-sah-la-ta
sausage la salsiccia la sal-see-chee-ah
seafood i frutti di mare ee froot-tee dee ma-ray
soup la zuppa la tsoop-pa
steak la bistecca la bees-tek-kah
sugar lo zucchero lo tsook-kay-ro
turkey la turchia la toor-kee-ah
veal la carne di vitello la car-neh dee vee-tel-loh
Drinks in Italian

In the table below we provide English to Italian translations for some of the most common drinks, the pronunciation tips are found on the third column.

English Italian Pronunciation
alcohol l'alcol lal-kol
beer la birra la beer-ra
coffee il caffè eel caf-feh
juice il succo eel sook-koh
milk il latte eel lat-tay
soft drink la bibita la bee-bee-ta
tea il tè eel tay
water l'acqua la-koo-ah
wine il vino eel veeno
decaf coffee caffè decaffeinato caf-feh deh-kaf-feh-eenah-toh
hot chocolate cioccolata calda chee-oh-koh-la-ta cal-da
non-alcoholic analcolico an-alko-lee-koh
red wine vino rosso veeno ros-so
white wine vino bianco veeno bianco
Food and Drink: Related Italian Words

If you want to go out to eat or to cook a meal in a place where you need to speak Italian, the food and beverages vocabulary learned until now may not be enough, this is why we have put together a list of words that may come in handy in conversations related to foods and beverages. The pronunciation tips are found on the third column.

English Italian Pronunciation
baked cotto kot-toh
breakfast la prima colazione la pree-ma co-la-tsee-onay
boiled bollito bol-lee-toh
bottle la bottiglia la bot-tee-glia
Check please! Il conto, per favore! eel con-toh, pehr fah-vo-ray
cold freddo fred-doh
diet la dieta la dee-eta
dinner la cena la cheh-na
dishes i piatti ee pee-aht-tee
fork la forcella la for-chehl-la
fried fritto freet-toh
glass il vetro eel vay-tro
home made fatto in casa fat-toh een kah-zah
hot caldo cal-doh
ice il ghiaccio eel ghia-chee-oh
knife il coltello eel col-tel-lo
lunch il pranzo eel pran-zo
mustard la senape la se-na-pay
napkin il tovagliolo eel toh-vah-lee-oh-loh
oil l'olio lo-lee-oh
pepper il pepe eel pepe
plate il piatto eel pee-at-toh
salt il sale eel sah-leh
silverware le posate leh poh-sah-tay
smoked affumicato ah-foo-mee-kah-toh
snack la merenda la meh-ren-da
spicy piccante pee-kan-te
spoon il cucchiaio eel coo-chee-aio
steamed cotto a vapore kot-toh ah vah-poh-ray
table la tavola la ta-vo-la
taste il gusto eel goo-sto
tasty gustoso gooss-toh-zoh
vinegar l'aceto la-cheh-toh
waiter il cameriere eel kah-mehree-ehray
waitress la cameriera la kah-mehree-ehrah
to pay pagare pa-gah-ray

Important! Because some Italian sounds are not found in English we have tried to come up with something that sounds similar, for this reason the pronunciation tips from above are simply informational and does not offer any guarantee.

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