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Animals in Italian

In this lesson provided by you will learn the names of animals in the Italian language. The pronunciation tips are on the third column.

English Italian Pronunciation
ant la formica la fohrmee-kah
bat il pipistrello eel peepee-strehl-loh
bear l'orso lor-soh
bee l'ape la-pay
bird l'uccello loo-chehl-lo
bull il toro eel toh-roh
butterfly la farfalla la far-fal-lah
calf il vitello eel vee-tehl-lo
cat il gatto eel gaht-toh
chicken il pollo eel pol-lo
chimpanzee lo scimpanzé lo scheem-pan-zay
cow la vacca la va-kah
crocodile il coccodrillo eel coh-coh-dreel-lo
deer il cervo eel cheer-vo
dog il cane eel kah-nay
donkey l'asino la-see-noh
duck l'anitra la-neet-rah
eagle l'aquila la-kwee-la
fly la mosca la mos-kah
fox la volpe la vol-pe
frog il ranocchio eel ra-noh-keeo
giraffe la giraffa la gy-ra-fah
goat la capra la kah-prah
goose l'oca lo-kah
gorilla il gorilla eel go-reel-la
horse il cavallo eel kah-val-lo
kitten il gattino eel gah-tee-no
lion il leone eel leh-oh-nay
mosquito la zanzara la zanzara
mouse il topo eel toh-poh
parrot il pappagallo eel pap-pag-al-lo
penguin il pinguino eel peen-goo-eeno
pig il porco eel por-koh
rabbit il coniglio eel konee-gleeo
rooster il gallo eel gal-lo
scorpion lo scorpione lo scor-pee-onay
sheep la pecora la pe-co-ra
snake il serpente eel ser-pen-te
spider il ragno eel rag-no
squirrel la scoiattolo la sco-eeat-toh-lo
tiger la tigre la tee-gre
turkey il tacchino eel tac-kee-no
turtle la tartaruga la tar-tah-roo-gah
weasel la donnola la don-noh-la
whale la balena la ba-leh-na
wolf il lupo eel loo-po
zebra la zebra la ze-bra

Important! Because some Italian sounds are not found in English we have tried to come up with something that sounds similar, for this reason the pronunciation tips from above are simply informational and does not offer any guarantee.

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