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The Italian Alphabet and Pronunciation

In this article provided by you will learn the Italian Alphabet and Pronunciation. The examples and tips we provide in this Italian lesson will make the learning process fast and easy.

The Italian Alphabet

The Italian language has an alphabet composed of 21 letters, the same letters found in the English except: j, k, w, x, y (the 5 missing letters can be found in foreign words). In the table below you will find the Italian alphabet and how to pronounce individual Italian letters.

Letter (Pronunciation) Letter (Pronunciation)
A (a)
B (bi)
C (ci)
D (di)
E (e)
F (effe)
G (gi)
H (acca)
I (i)
L (elle)
N (enne)
O (o)
P (pi)
Q (cu)
R (erre)
S (esse)
T (ti)
U (u)
V (vi)
Z (zeta)
M (emme)

In Italian language you will find 5 vowels (a, e, i, o, u) with 7 different sounds (each of the letters 'e' and 'o' have two different sounds), when you will find more than one vowel in a word, you will have to pronounce them separately.

Italian Pronunciation Guide

Start learning how to pronounce Italian words and avoid mistakes made by beginners with our basic pronunciation guide. In the table below you will be able to study and learn how to pronounce the individual letters in Italian words.

Letter Pronunciation
A like a in faster
B like b in boy
C - before i or e, like ch in chin
- otherwise like c in cat
D like d in dog
E - like e in bed
- like the sound eh or ay in say
F the same as in English
G like g in gold
H is always silent
I like ee in see
L like l in live
M the same as in English
N the same as in English
O like the sound oh or like o in top
P like p in pick
Q the same as in English
R the same as in English
S - between vowels like z in zoo
- otherwise like s in smile
T the same as in English
U like oo in moon
V like v in voice
Z like ts in bits

Important! Because some Italian sounds are not found in English we have tried to come up with something that sounds similar, for this reason the pronunciation tips from above are simply informational and does not offer any guarantee.

Learn Italian Online
English Italian Dictionary Common Words List A, B, C, D, E
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