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Telling Time in Spanish

Here you will learn how to tell time in Spanish and how to pronounce common words and phrases related to time. This lesson, provided by, is part of our free online Spanish course.

Now let's study how to say in Spanish What time is it? and how to answer if you are asked by someone the time. The pronunciation tips are found on the third column.

English Spanish Pronunciation
What time is it, please? ¿Qué hora es, por favor? kay orah ays, por fah-vor
it's one o'clock está uno ays-tah oo-noh
it's two o'clock son las dos son las dohs
it's three o'clock son las tres son las trayss
it's four o'clock son las cuatro son las kwah-troh
it's five o'clock son las cinco son las seen-koh
it's six o'clock son las seis son las says
it's seven o'clock son las siete son las syeh-tay
it's eight o'clock son las ocho son las oh-choh
it's nine o'clock son las nueve son las nway-vay
it's ten o'clock son las diez son las dyehs
it's eleven o'clock son las once son las ohn-say
it's twelve o'clock son las doce son las doh-say
it's four fifteen son las cuatro y quince son las kwah-troh ee keen-say
it's half past four está cuatro y media ays-tah kwah-troh ee may-deeah
it's four forty-five son las cuatro y cuarenta y cinco son las kwah-troh ee kwah-rayn-tah ee seen-koh

How to say minutes / hours / days / months / years in the Spanish language? In the table below you will learn how to say minutes / hours / days / months / years in Spanish.

English Spanish Pronunciation
minute / minutes minuto / minutos mee-noo-toh / mee-noo-tohs
hour / hours hora / horas orah / orahs
day / days día / días deea / deeas
month / months semana / semanas say-ma-nah / say-ma-nahs
year / years año / años aneeoh / aneeohs
Spanish Phrases and Vocabulary about Time

If you want to improve your Spanish vocabulary with some common words about time, then we recommend you to study carefully the following table.

English Spanish Pronunciation
morning mañana ma-neea-nah
afternoon tarde tar-day
night noche no-chay
A.M de la mañana day la ma-neea-nah
P.M de la tarde day la tar-day
It's five o'clock A.M Son las cinco de la mañana son las seen-koh day la ma-neea-nah
It's five o'clock P.M Son las cinco de la tarde son las seen-koh day la tar-day

Important! Because some Spanish sounds are not found in English we have tried to come up with something that sounds similar, for this reason the pronunciation tips from above are simply informational and does not offer any guarantee.

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