August 7, 2016

How do you say Monday in Italian?

Do you know how to say Monday in Italian? If the answer is, no, then you are in the right place, because with the help provided by you will learn not only how to say Monday in Italian, but also a lot of common words and phrases that will improve your basic Italian vocabulary. Let's learn how to say Monday in Italian. Lunedi is the Italian equivalent of the English Monday, the approximate pronunciation of Lunedi is loo-neh-dee. The Italian pronunciation is not difficult to be learned for an english speaker, if you have a good guide. Further, we will study in detail the pronunciation of the word Lunedi. The first letter L is pronounced the same as the letter L found in the English language, U is pronounced like the letters OO found in the word book, N the same as in English, E like the letter E in the word help, the letter E is a little bit difficult to be pronounced correctly at first, but if you practice a little bit then you will have no problem, D like any other D found in English and finally the letter I like the letters EE in the word see. If you want to study the rest of the days of the week in Italian, we recommend you to navigate a little further this page to the Related articles on If you want just to learn the names of the days of the week in Italian with common phrases we recommend you to study the following article found on our website Days of the Week, Months and Seasons in Italian

Italian Phrases with the word Lunedi

We have put together a list with Italian phrases translated in English, that will help you improve your Italian vocabulary and learn how to better use the word Lunedi in simple basic phrases.

English Italian
Today is Monday Oggi è Lunedi
Monday is the first day of the week Lunedi è il primo giorno della settimana
For us, Monday is the second day of the week Per noi, Lunedi è il secondo giorno della settimana
Where were you last Monday? Dove sei stato Lunedi scorso?
Last Monday I was in... Lunedi scorso ero a...
Next Monday I will be in... Lunedi 'prossimo sarò a...
Monday is my birthday Lunedi è il mio compleanno
Monday I need to go to a birthday party Lunedi devo andare a una festa di compleanno
Monday is my first day of... Lunedi è il mio primo giorno di...
We will meet with my father, Monday at 4:00 in the afternoon. Ci incontreremo con mio padre, Lunedi alle 4:00 del pomeriggio.

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